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Safety of Machinery Training
Essential Skills

The training courses have been recognized by TÜV Rheinland as a “Level 3” program of study for the Safe Design, Acquisition and Use of Machinery and meet the quality management and quality system elements as defined by EN29004-2 / ISO9004-2.

The following example Essential Skills training courses are available, but please note, these are not written in "tablets of stone" & are designed to be flexible providing knowledge transfer to best meet your specific needs (use the Training Matrix download):-
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CE Marking For Machinery
The objective of this course is to give designers of machinery the knowledge and tools to design safe machinery in accordance with European Union Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC), and associated Directives, and to declare compliance by CE Marking.

Acquisition and the Safe Use of Machinery (PUWER98)
The objective of this course is to equip users of machinery with the knowledge to use and maintain their machinery reliably and safely in accordance with their obligations under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998. Also to assist them in when purchasing new and second hand equipment by developing awareness of the manufactures obligations under EU Directives in particular the processes involved in CE Marking.

Safety of Integrated Manufacturing Systems
Systems that incorporate two or more interconnected machines for specific applications such as component manufacturing, assembly, packaging, palletising, etc., are known as Integrated Manufacturing Systems (IMS).

The objective of this unique course is to give the integrators of IMS's, and the designers of ‘partly completed machinery’, the knowledge to compliently integrate machines and to declare compliance for the Integrated Manufacturing System as a whole by CE Marking.

Functional Safety - EN ISO 13849 & the application of SISTEMA
The objective of this course is to give designers of machinery the knowledge and tools to design safety related parts of control systems for machinery in accordance with European Harmonised Standard EN ISO 13849-1:2008 and to validate systems in accordance with EN ISO 13849-2:2012.

In addition to introduce the SISTEMA software utility which provides support in the evaluation of safety related control systems 

Design and Manufacture of Control System Panels
The objective of this 1 day course is to provide and reinforce designers of industrial control system panels with the knowledge, tools & competence to design and manufacture control panels compliant with European Union Directives, European Harmonised Standards (EN 60204-1) and good engineering practice and to declare compliance by CE Marking.

EU Directives, UK Regulations and Standards for Machines
(for Directors and Managers)
The objective of this 1 day course is to make Directors and Managers aware of the Machinery related European Directives, their company’s obligations under the Machinery Safety Regulations and how the use of standards can guide the way to compliance with their “essential requirements”.


Training Matrix
The Training Matrix is designed to assist you to "customise" a training programme to best suit your requirements.