UK Designated Standards

UK Designated Standards

UK standards will be the same in substance to the EU Harmonised Standards and with the same reference as the standards used in the EU. However, they will be recognised as the UK Designated Standards and will use the prefix ‘BS’ to indicate that they are standards adopted by the British Standards Institution as the UK’s national standards body.

Standards for the safety of machinery  fall into 3 basic categories:-

  • Type A standards:

Fundamental safety standards, giving basic principles for design and general aspects for all machinery.

  • Type B standards:

Grouping more specific safety standards that may be applied across a range of machines and industries. B standards are further subdivided:

  • B1 standards detail the overriding safety aspects.
  • B2 standards cover the actual safety devices.
  • Type C standards:

Machinery safety standards for specific types of machines or industry applications.

Standards that can confer a presumption of conformity with relevant UK regulations (UKCA marking regulations) will be listed on a section of the ‘.gov.uk’ website. This will replace those listed on the Official Journal of the EU.

BSI is confident its membership of CEN and CENELEC will continue.

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