PE Directive

The Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23/EC was adopted in the European Union in November 1999 and became obligatory throughout the EU from May 2002.
The directive concerns potentially hazardous pressure equipment and assemblies with pressures greater than 0.5 bar. Pressure equipment means vessels, piping, safety accessories and pressure accessories, assemblies being several pieces of pressure equipment assembled to form an integrated, functional whole.
This Directive therefore concerns the manufacturers of items such as vessels, pressurised storage containers, heat exchangers, steam generators, boilers, industrial piping, safety devices and pressure accessories.

The Pressure Equipment Directive has been implemented in the United Kingdom under the Pressure Equipment Regulations 1999.

The directive specifies pressurs and/or volumes for pressure equipment and assemblies. Equipment that exceeds the specified pressure and/or volume thresholds must:

  • be safe;
  • meet the essential safety requirements covering design, manufacture and testing;
  • satisfy appropriate conformity assessment procedures; and
    carry the CE marking and other information. (see the CE Note below)

Pressure equipment and assemblies below the specified pressure / volume thresholds must:

  • be safe; 
  • be designed and manufactured according to sound engineering practice; and bear specified markings (but not the CE marking)

CE Note:-The letters 'CE' on an pressure equipment indicates the manufacturer's declararation that the equipment meets with the "safety objectives" of the Directive.