Mentoring - the "Fast Track" alternative to the Training Course

Mentoring is a relationship and focuses on both short- and long-term professional development goals. The relationship is personal - a mentor provides both professional and personal support and is an effective way of nurturing talent and developing skills.

  • Developing people in specific areas vital to your business;
  • Providing support to individuals taking on a new role;
  • or transitioning to a new situation as a part of a planned succession;
  • Nurturing and fostering talent and positioning individuals to succeed;
  • Helping individuals with a challenging project;“Honing” skills and providing support;
  • Providing a “fast track” to developing specific and tailored skills.  

One-on-one mentoring matches one mentor with one mentee. You have exclusive access to an expert in the subject of safety & compliance of machinery. The mentoring model allows both mentor and mentee to develop a personal relationship and provides individual and specific knowledge transfer. As such the mentoring forms an on-going relationship going forward, providing support to the mentee as they develop their acquired skills.

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