Machinery Safety & Compliance

Machinery Safety in the European Union
Mechanical Engineering is one of the largest industrial sectors in the European Union and the Machinery Directive provides the basis for the harmonisation of the health and safety requirements for machines in the European Union. Essentially performing a dual function, the Directive not only promotes the free movement of machinery within the Single Market, but also guarantees a high level of protection to European workers and citizens. As a "New Approach" Directive, it promotes harmonisation through a combination of mandatory health and safety requirements and voluntary harmonised standards.

Machinery Safety in the United Kingdom 
In the United Kingdom the Machinery (Safety) Regulations and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations implement the EU Machinery Directive and impose a duty to compliantly manufacture and to provide and maintain suitable safe work equipment, to provide adequate information, instructions and training, to protect against dangerous parts, and to protect against risks while maintaining it.

Health & Safety Compliance Engineering specialises in the Safety of Machinery and compliance the European Union Machinery and associated Directives including the design of compliant safety systems, compliance verification, the compilation of Technical Files & the Declaration of Conformity or Incorporation and CE Marking, for all types industrial machines, controls and related equipment.