Complete Machines

Supply of “Complete” Machinery.

Machines that are being placed on the market and put into service in the UK and Europe are required to have a Declaration of Conformity and a compliance marking.  

Since the event of BREXIT, in the United Kingdom this is required under the UK Machinery (Safety) Regulations and requires a “UK Declaration of Conformity” and a UKCA Mark.  


In the European Union this is required under the EU Machinery Directive and requires a “EC Declaration of Conformity” and a CE Mark.


 Since BREXIT this is required for “imports” of machinery from the UK to the EU and the UK supplier must have representation (a named person) based in the EU to take care of some of the manufacturer’s responsibilities.  

In both cases compliance applies to machines that are new (including machines that have been built “in-house” use) or where they have been extensively modified or undergone a significant change of purpose.

It is important to note that “second hand” machinery being transferred between the UK & EU (& visa versa) is now regarded as “New” and, therefore, are required to have appropriate “Declarations of Conformity” and “compliance markings” as required by their status.  

Health and Safety Compliance Engineering objective is to guide you through your obligations for the supply and use of machinery, whether it be to the United Kingdom, the European Union or else ware, Worldwide.