CE Marking

CE Marking for Machinery

The letters 'CE' on a machine are the European supplier's claim that the machine meets the essential requirements (ESHR’s) of all relevant European Directives which should include the Machinery Directive and may also include the Low Voltage Directive, EMC Directive, Pressure Directive, etc., etc.


 The ESHR’s for machinery take into account potential dangers to operators and other persons using or affected by the machine. ESHR’s include, materials used in the construction; lighting; controls; stability; fire; noise; vibration; radiation; emission of dust, gasses etc.; maintenance and documentation.

The machinery must be supplied with an “EC Declaration of Conformity” formally declaring its compliance.   

Health and Safety Compliance Engineering objective is to partner you through your obligations for the supply and use of machinery, whether it be to the United Kingdom, the European Union or else ware, Worldwide.

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