European Harmonised Standards

DEFINITION:- A standard is a published specification that establishes a common norm and is recognised document that defines good practice.

A "European Harmonised Standard" is a standard that is in support of one or more European Directives as a practical method of guaranteeing the high level of protection to EU workers and citizens that is intended by essential requirements (EHSR’s) of the Directives. In order to maintain the objectives of the free market they must be common throughout the European Union.
The use of standards is not mandatory although some European Directives make direct reference to them and therefore their application becomes obligatory. There is always a presumption of conformity with the directives if a machine is built to the appropriate Harmonised Standards.

European Standards (or Euro Norms) are identified by the letters “EN” and may be prefixed by the member states standards authority when adopted. In the United Kingdom this prefix is BS (British Standards). Standards such as EN 62061 (BS EN 62061 in the UK) are typical of the nomenclature.

The communalisation of standards is taking place throughout the world and the European Union is working with international standard authorities, such as ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) and the IEC, (the International Electrotechnical Commission), to adopt a global approach to this policy. As such standard references such as EN ISO 12100 (BS EN ISO 12100 in the UK) are entering the family of European Standards.

Standards for the safety of machinery in Europe fall into 3 basic categories:-

Type A standards:
Fundamental safety standards, giving basic principles for design and general aspects for all machinery.

Type B standards:
Grouping more specific safety standards that may be applied across a range of machines and industries. B standards are further subdivided:

  • B1 standards detail the overriding safety aspects.
  • B2 standards cover the actual safety devices.

Type C standards:
Machinery safety standards for specific types of machines or industry applications.

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